M.H.Vernon is the act of Canadian musician Michael Hamilton. His performance style has transformed into a powerful mix of live instrumentation and looping that produce sounds of a full band. Playing live music for over 10 years has allowed M.H.Vernon to craft lyrics with a jab of eerie yet charming vocals. 


  Michael started writing songs in Uxbridge, Ontario before moving overseas to Seoul, South Korea in 2008. It was there he started performing live in the folk rock duo Folk Lion. After playing many shows around Seoul, Michael formed musical acts Burl Sackman & The Strategic Sideburns and later Aggressive Pedestrian. After returning to Canada, M.H.Vernon was formed and can currently be found playing around Ontario, Canada.

"One day the Axe just fell
It got stuck in the wood
I tried pulling it out
I tried using my will."

                                                             - M.H.Vernon